Acupuncture is an important aspect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), an Eastern form of medicine. Slim, sterile needles are expertly placed along the body to balance the mind and body. In TCM, it is said that our energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”), flows along pathways called meridians. Acupuncture serves to unblock the energy so that it can freely flow and resolve imbalances.
Botanical Medicine is a form of medicine which utilizes plants to assist the body in its healing process. Different forms of botanicals include teas, tinctures (herbs extracted in alcohol or glycerin) and dried herbs (often in capsules). Botanicals or herbs can be very effective in appropriate doses but one must be aware of drug-herb and herb-herb interactions.
I believe there is a strong connection between our mind (thoughts/beliefs) and our physical self. If there is a disconnect in our thoughts, it can present in other locations in our body. Meditation, counselling and other tools can be used to help rebalance the mind/body connection.
Diet and proper nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. A healthy diet and nutritional counselling plays a vital role in achieving optimal wellness. There are times where additional supplements are needed and they can take the form of vitamin and mineral supplements.
Knowledge is power and understanding your health is an important step to achieving wellness.
Well Woman Visits/PAP Screening
Gynecological and breast exams are important for a woman's health. Dr. Jaclyn is now offering these exams that include PAP screening, pelvic exam and breast exam.
I am able to order blood work and other diagnostic labs from Lifelabs/CML and Rocky Mountain Analytics. These labs are not covered by OHIP.
B12 Injections
The activated methylcobalamin used is the most absorbable kind of B12.
The use of water of as a therapeutic tool has been around for centuries as a gentle and effective way of treating certain ailments. The use of water can take the form of cold baths, contrast showers and hot and cold applications.
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